With over 35,000 subscribers (called “Starbabies”) and 9 million minutes of watch time on her channel in just the past year, Gabriela Francesca is one of the most promising content-creating stars on YouTube. With a focus on astrology, lifestyle, beauty and actor life, Gabriela averages a gain of 2500 subscribers every month. Her honesty, sense of humor and creativity with the content she creates sets her apart from the rest. It is of the utmost importance to her that her channel remains authentic to her personality, taste, and most of all, morals.

She’s been an advertising partner creating content in collaboration with brands like Proactiv, Scentbird, Homesick, Vrai + Oro, JORD, Myro, Banyan Botanicals, Pact Organic, and the Peace meditation app, to name a few. She absolutely loves working to create genuinely intriguing and unique content featuring new and exciting brands, products and apps.

Discover a taste of Gabriela’s channel below: