Name: Gabriela Francesca

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Vibe Curator

City of Birth: Chicago, IL

City of Residence: LA 

Ethnicity: Mexican-American

Zodiac Sign: Leo 

Favorite Food: Sushi 

Favorite Cocktail: White Russian 

Interests: Foreign Language, French Cooking, Caribbean Music, Flowers, Pop Culture, Poodles, Magic, The Color Pink, Fashion, Farmer's Markets, Astrology, Old Hollywood, Journaling, FaceTiming Mom, Yoga, Egyptian History, Pinup Girls, Saying "Put Coconut Oil On It", Gold Jewelry, Hayao Miyazaki, Palm Trees, Window Shopping, Nostalgia, Samba, Crystals, Getting Instagram Likes, Going "Off the Grid", Irony 

DIslikes: Black Olives, Guns, Donald Trump, Jellyfish, Oversaturation of Chokers on Instagram, Having a Bad Time

Items to Summon Me in a Seance: Roses, a Poodle, Macarons, A TV Continuously Playing "Bridesmaids", Fancy-Looking Boots, Gwen Stefani, French Perfume